Frequencies (2013)

Frequencies, also called OXV: The Manual, is a British indie sci-fi film that beautifully plays with the notion of opposites attracting. It follows two children, Zak and Marie, as they grow up and fall in love at a school for gifted children. The problem is that Marie has the highest frequency at the school, and Zak has the lowest. In their world, frequency translates into how in sync you are with nature, leading to knowledge and luck. So while highly intelligent, emotionless Marie has the world on her side, sweet unlucky Zak is working against all odds. Yet, this doesn't stop Zak from trying to fight the powers of the universe in order to be with Marie. It's an inventive ambitious storyline that was a refreshing delight to watch. Of course, if you try to iron out every little crease in the story, you might get lost. But the story is still strong enough to carry you along, and leave you thinking on a deeper level even after it's over.