In early 2017, I took a weekend trip to Porto, Portugal and fell in love with the gritty faded beauty of the city's architecture. Many buildings stood abandoned or defiant to the changing scene in a city that no longer had the means or willpower to care for them. Always one to go a bit crazy over the intricate patterns and details of something, I took at least one hundred photos of these building façades without quite knowing what I was going to do with them all.

Shortly thereafter, as I began to do more and more collages, I was drawn to old portraits, and the poses and expressions people wore in them. The smiles some always feel necessary to show, the mute unfriendly expressions that accompany early photography, the grimacing looks that peer out from old mugshots...Just like with those façades in Porto, I wondered what had really been going on inside and how it might be different from what one sees on the outside. 

After all, it's all just a façade one way or another, isn't it?